What ages does San Tan Acton Academy currently enroll?

San Tan Acton Academy will only be accepting learners ages 4-7 in our initial launch year. As our Eagles age up, we will be adding subsequent ages starting in year 2. 

What is San Tan Acton's yearly tuition rate?

San Tan Acton's standard tuition rate is $10,000 per year with a staggered down tuition approach. Please visit our Tuition page for more details or give us a call at 480.625.7259 with any questions. 

There is a 10% sibling tuition discount on the first sibling and a 5% sibling tuition discount on all additional siblings. 

Other tuition discounts are available. Please inquire for more information.

Will my learner be ready for college?

Our promise at Acton Academy is to have our learners equipped for any selective university. Once your Eagle gets over the test-taking barrier at the university of their choice, their portfolio, and critical thinking skills will be a big boost during the application and interviewing process. Most importantly, our Eagles will be well prepared to shine in the real world, whether they choose to go to college full-time, part-time, or not at all.

Is Acton Academy accredited?

Yes, San Tan Acton Academy is accredited through the International Association of Learner Driven Schools (IALDS).

Is Acton Academy right for my child?

Acton is the right place for your child if they believe the below:

  1. Wish traditional school was more challenging and engaging
  2. Enjoy doing projects around their interests, including building, creating, innovating, or making art
  3. See things differently
  4. Care about their future, want to find a calling, and want to change the world
  5. Are kind, hardworking, and committed to doing their best

What is your academic calendar?

Our micro-school is broken out into sessions with a week break in-between each session. Studies will begin in late July and end in late May with an optional 4-week summer play session during the month of June. Our flexible calendar allows families to travel together throughout the academic year. Please see our current calendar for more details. 

How does self-paced learning happen at Acton Academy?

We provide a 21st-century one-room learning environment using the latest in educational technology for self-paced mastery of reading, writing, and math. Learners are not grouped by age, but instead go at their own pace while allowing group collaboration of all ages. Once your learner has mastered their skills, they move on to the next level, which ensures there are no learning gaps.

How long is Acton Academy in session each year?

We operate on an 11- month calendar, but our flexible program allows families to travel together during the year.

Is Acton Academy a religious institution?

While we expose our learners to the importance of mindful spirituality and stress the historical importance of Christianity to the development of Western Civilization, we do not promote any one religion and our learners are free to divulge in any religion of choice.

Will children be grouped into grades?

Our program does not believe in a grade system, but rather a skills system. Our Eagles learn best when working with children younger and older than themselves rather than split up into groups based solely on age learning every on subject at the same time and the same pace.  

Without homework and frequent test-taking, how do I know my child is learning?

Our Spark Studio program is best imagined as a garden where learners (ages 4-7) embrace Montessori work and Spark Play to learn real-life skills and develop the independence, focus, and kindness needed to enter an Acton Elementary Studio — each prepared to discover a calling that will change the world.

What ages will San Tan Acton provide programs for?

Our current program is only accepting ages 4-7, but as our learners grow, our programs will grow with them! We plan to offer educational services to ages 4 through 18. 

How do I apply to San Tan Acton Academy?

Please click on Admissions for more information on how to apply and join our program.