Our Story

Everybody has their "story" and why. Ours began before we even had a child. We always knew we did not want to send our children to public school. Times and technology had changed drastically since our days in school and yet, education was still being taught the same way. Calculators were now in the palm of our hands, being carried everywhere we go. Voice recognition software could answer even the most trivial of questions just by simply saying "Hey Siri". History that we experienced and lived through was now being taught in history books, but not the way we remember it playing out. There had to be a better way.

On a one-off trip to the Austin, TX area in mid-2021 was where our lives turned upside down and we had finally found the calling we had been searching for the past 5-6 years. We had finally found what we call the revolutionary period of reinventing education. We were hooked. We were sold. 

We were also lucky enough to have an Acton in our neighborhood (give or take a few extra miles on the journey), but we were committed to the cause. 

When our local Acton had to close their doors, that's when the beginning started for us. 

Krystal Bowen

Co-OwneR, Head of School

Krystal Bowen took a leap of faith on opening an Acton in late 2022 after the Acton her son was attending had to close. She refused to accept that closure was the only option and cannon-balled all the way in.

With a diverse career in sales, supply chain, and even sports apparel buying, she always went back to manufacturing. She has worked in cutting edge industries including solar manufacturing and rocket motor production and launch vehicles for the US Government, DoD, and NASA.

Her calling in life finally came to fruition when she founded her own clothing line in mid-2021. Her love of art and design that spawned from childhood is what convinced her that Acton was the way to help other Hero's not lose their passion and talent in life. Following her own dreams is what propelled her to continue the entrepreneurial spirit that Acton strives all learners to embrace.

Rob Bowen


Rob Bowen jumped right in along with Krystal when it came to opening their own Acton in their community. He saw the overnight change in their son and his passion for learning after attending Acton. He knew the end was only the beginning for the next journey life had instore.

Rob is a jack of all trades and a man of many skills. From general construction, to security infrastructure, his personal favorite was working around Ford GT's and F150's.

He hopes to one day build a hobby car with his son, but for now, he'll stick with lego models and airplane kites.

Wesley Bowen

Materials tester

Being 100% the inspiration to start San Tan Acton Academy, Wesley has been hard at work making sure materials and supplies are in working order.

From Magna-Tile rocket ships, to dinosaur construction paper models, he's all in with hands-on skills assessment and product testing.

He's put countless hours into preparation and is ready to begin his second year at Acton.

Jeff Sandefer

Co-founder, Acton Academy

Jeff, along with his wife, Laura, co-found Acton Academy in 2009. He and Laura set off on a journey to create a brand new vision of a school – one that combined best practices from the past while embracing the latest technology and research in neuroscience and cognition.

As an entrepreneur, he founded his first company at age 16 and went on to found or co-found seven successful businesses.

Jeff went on to co-found the Acton School of Business, an MBA program perennially ranked by the Princeton Review among the best in the nation.

Jeff is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, where he served for over twenty years on the school’s governing committees. He was a longtime director of the Philanthropy Roundtable and National Review magazine and one of the youngest members ever elected to the Texas Business Hall of Fame.

Laura Sandefer

co-founder, acton academy

Laura, along with her husband, Jeff, co-found Acton Academy in 2009. Her and Jeff set off on a journey to create a brand new vision of a school – one that combined best practices from the past while embracing the latest technology and research in neuroscience and cognition.

Laura Sandefer is an author and the co-founder of Acton Academy, a school whose learner-driven model is spreading across the globe with over 270 locations across 26 countries and 42 states.

Acton Academy bases their model of learning on the Hero’s Journey: a story pattern common in ancient myths and modern day adventures in which a hero goes on an adventure, wins a victory and comes home transformed. Children at Acton Academy know why they are being challenged to learn — they are on their own Hero’s Journey to find their passion in life.